Apple CarPlay on a Subaru Forester (2011)

If you want to install Apple CarPlay on your old Subaru you’ll need the following:

  1. A CarPlay stereo. most go for around $500 CAD but this $200 BOSS stereo has worked well for me, here’s $350 Sony CarPlay stereo that has a physical volume knob.
  2. A harness, which is a cable that interfaces between the stereo’s wiring and Subaru’s wiring without having to mess up the Subaru’s wiring.
  3. A device for connecting to the steering wheel controls to your harness.
  4. One or two USB -> Lightning or USB -> USB cables so you can connect to the stereo.
  5. (maybe) A bezel to fit the screen into the dashboard
  6. (maybe) A cable to connect the antenna to the stereo (I was told I’d need one but my Subaru already had it, so I have a spare now if you need it)
    Here’s the cheap stereo I bought, most are $500+ but this one was on sale for $200. it looks nice and works well.

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